Prayer…Meditation…How do we do this? Do you just give up?

Tonight I visited the Korean Zen Center which is a beautiful silent zen meditation temple that I use to meditate. Some of you may ask, what is meditation?  Can I meditate at home? for how long? uhh It is  not working for me, why? So you may give up. Well this is not uncommon but I will say DO NOT give up! it will come.

I can add my input and my experiences as to what it is. Meditation is not just about closing your eyes , sitting a certain way, and holding your fingers in a certain position. It is something that comes with practice sort of like learning to ride a bike. Your not just going to get on a bike and start riding it and WAAALAHH! YOU GOT IT! No this is a misconception. You need and will fall off of that bike plenty of times before you get it. Than it becomes as simple as pouring a glass of water.

Back in 2009 I opened up my mind to new conceptions because I was dealing with a lot of heartache and stress. I needed a way to cope and to get in touch with myself; something that is very important for us all to do. So I began studying and taking yoga classes. That was amazing but I felt my purpose was to dive deeper into the other opportunities that were out there.

So than I heard of the Kabbalah, Buddhism, and spirituality OH YES and of course turning to God and Jesus to help me find myself. Well all of those beautiful messages routed to 2 things for me; prayer and meditation. In my experience I believe that these two are the yin and yang of finding yourself and healing yourself.

Praying was very easy because I could talk to the Lord out loud, or in my head and leave whatever struggle I was dealing with in his hands with the notion that no matter how bad things were he would help me. Than I felt him telling me “Helena you need to find yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself before anything else”. I said but Lord my main priority are my boys! But he let me know that with me being sick I could not possibly 100% take care of my boys the most adequate way I was supposed to, and he was right.

So I said ok, how do I do that? And it came to be. During one of my yoga sessions we would lie in childs pose (relaxation-pose) and listen to our bodies and only focus on ourselves. That opened the door to my experience with meditation. I started out by downloading guided meditations from you tube, buying books and trying so hard that I would get frustrated. THERE HAD TO BE A WAY!

Well one day I said that is it, I am turning my mind off to complete silence. Each day I would sit in silence and not think of anything and anything that tried to enter my mind I would kick out! Than I went back to guided meditations and the more I did this and accepted those tools I was able to complete my meditation practice. WAHHHLAH I GOT IT!! I was able to meditate in any situation, noise and all…..obviously silence or Zen meditation music are great tools but sometimes you do  not have a choice when your body is screaming for restoration.

 Meditation for me restores my mind, body, and soul. It also gives me answers of enlightenment now that I know how to control my mind. It also opened my doors to go further and not only help myself  but others as well. That is where the beginning of my company was born! As you know I am certified in Western Reike Touch therapy and Integrated Energy Therapy also by touch but asking the 7 Arch angels to assist me. I have added some guided meditation to the session for those who would like to be completely in touch with oneself or if they would like a silent session with just healing touch therapy; you have the choice.

In a nutshell, Prayer (asking for help and leaving it in Gods hands), Meditation-Relaxation (Doing it yourself naturally to restore your mind, body, and soul). They will both make you radiate inside and out once you experience my healing.

Namaste! Helena Diaz!


About blissfulangelicpeacefulreikehealing

I am a Reike/IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. I am what you call a light worker. I use channeling energies from the higher being (GOD), universal positive energy and for IET the 7 Arch angels are used to channlel healing and postive energy into me to instill tinto you! These beautiful techniques have helped me get me to where I am today and where I am headed. I created my practice to share with everyone! I know once you experience this you will love it! Love and Light!
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